Vehicle Inspections from DEKRA Automotive

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Motorhome Inspection

If you're considering purchasing a used motorhome, or if you are experiencing problems with a used motorhome that you've recently purchased, the DEKRA Automotive motorhome inspection will help you to decide whether or not . With a 192-point vehicle and vehicle data check, our vehicle inspection engineers will point out any areas of immediate concern to you and provide you with a full report for future reference.

Please note that the DEKRA Automotive motorhome inspection covers motorhomes up to 3500kgs in weight, aged up to 20 years old.

The motorhome inspection covers:

  • A thorough inspection of the vehicle, checking up to 192 items
  • Road Test
  • Mechanical & main electrical function
  • Checks for previous body repairs
  • Internal & external cosmetics (excluding habitation area)
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical items (excluding habitation area)
  • Vehicle Data Check (pre-purchase inspections only)

Road Test

The motorhome inspection includes a ten mile road test, as well as inspecting the interior of the vehicle, making sure that all of the electrical instruments are functioning (if applicable).

Vehicle Data Check

As a free service to our clients, we arrange a free Data Check as part of all pre-purchase motorhome inspections. Using data gathered from various sources including the DVLA, Insurance companies, Finance companies and the Police, our vehicle inspector will verbally inform you of any adverse details after comparing the information to the actual vehicle during the inspection.

This check confirms the following vehicle details:

  • registration number
  • make & model
  • door plan
  • colour
  • date of first registration in the UK
  • year of manufacture
  • transmission type
  • engine number
  • fuel type
  • engine capacity

Please Note: The Car Data Check is carried out free of charge and therefore the information is for DEKRA Automotive inspection engineer use only.