Vehicle Inspections from DEKRA Automotive

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High Performance Vehicle Inspection

The high performance vehicle inspection from DEKRA Automotive is ideal for people thinking about purchasing a second hand high performance car (pre-purchase), or for those who have recently purchased a used high performance vehicle (post-purchase). As well as carrying out a full mechanical check on the vehicle, the DEKRA Automotive high performance vehicle inspection also offers a full body check and electrical components check for people who would prefer a professional opinion on the vehicle's overall cosmetic appearance and advanced functionality.

The high performance vehicle inspection includes:

Please note: This type of inspection can only take place in a suitable location where a vehicle hoist or ramp is available for the engineer's use. This is to allow the underside of the vehicle to be inspected with the vehicle raised. The customer must seek permission from the vendor and confirm that this is acceptable at the time of booking. If no suitable hoist or ramp is available, the inspection cannot take place.

Bodywork Check

The bodywork check involves the use of a paint depth gauge on the vehicle's panels, to check the amount of paint on each of the panels. This is useful for indicating where repair work has possibly taken place.

Road Test

The high performance vehicle inspection also includes upto a 10 mile road test, as well as inspecting the interior of the vehicle, making sure that all of the electrical instruments are functioning (if applicable), and checking that the air conditioning (if present) is functioning.

Car Data Check

Data Checks are carried out on all pre-purchase inspection as a free service to our clients. Data is collected from the DVLA, Insurance companies, Finance companies and the Police.

This check confirms the following vehicle details:

  • registration number
  • make & model
  • door plan
  • colour
  • date of first registration in the UK
  • year of manufacture
  • transmission type
  • engine number
  • fuel type
  • engine capacity

This information is then confirmed where possible/visible by the inspection engineer during the vehicle inspection.

More importantly, the Free Car Data Check searches information categories for any outstanding finance on the vehicle, any Police interest, stolen vehicles, insurance losses, major accident damage, condition alert, high risk cars, number plate transfers and change of colour.

Please Note: The Car Data Check is carried out free of charge and therefore the information is for DEKRA Automotive inspection engineer use only. However, you will be advised if the check is clear, or of any adverse information verbally.

High Performance Vehicles We Inspect:

  • Aston Martin (except the One 77)
  • Bentley
  • BMW M3, M5 series
  • Ferrari (except the Enzo model)
  • Honda NSX and Targa
  • Lamborghini except the Aventador model)
  • Lotus (except the Lotus 7 model)
  • Maclaren (except the F1 and P1 models)
  • Maserati (except the MC12 model)
  • Mercedes SL55 and all AMG's
  • Morgan
  • Nissan Skyline
  • Porsche
  • Rolls Royce (except the Phantom model)
  • Vauxhall VX200

To book a high performance vehicle inspection please call us on 0800 334 5678. Click here for prices