Vehicle Inspections from DEKRA Automotive

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DEKRA Automotive Vehicle Inspections

A DEKRA vehicle inspector at work

Our Promise To You

  • Guaranteed confidentiality and impartiality.
  • Fixed rates for vehicle inspections. - No hidden extras.
  • Verbal report same day as vehicle inspection.
  • Vehicle inspections can be carried out at any garage premises, office car parks or at any private address (with an off-road, level hardstanding).
  • Quick response times subject to workload and vehicle/vendor availability. Reports sent as soon as practically possible.
  • We will provide free initial advice - without any obligation.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

The comprehensive vehicle inspection consists of up to a 202 point check, covering mechanical, electrical and bodywork areas of the vehicle.

Van Inspection

Suited to people seeking peace of mind when thinking about buying a van, the DEKRA Automotive Van inspection engineer performs up to a 156 point check on vehicles up to 3500kg in weight, pointing out any areas of immediate concern.

Motorhome Inspection

For people who are considering purchasing a used motorhome or for people who have recently purchased a used motorhome, the DEKRA Automotive motorhome inspection includes up to a 192-point vehicle check to identify any potential problems before they become a problem.

Please note that the DEKRA Automotive motorhome inspection covers motorhomes up to 3500kgs in weight, aged up to 20 years old.

Peace of Mind Inspection

For people who are happy with the cosmetic appearance of a vehicle that they're about to buy (or have recently purchased), the peace of mind inspection covers up to 155 items, checking that you're buying a technically sound vehicle.

High Performance Vehicle Inspection

The high performance vehicle inspection consists of up to a 230 point check, covering mechanical, electrical and bodywork areas of the vehicle.

Engineer's Report

The independent engineer's report service from DEKRA Automotive is suitable for people requiring professional assessment of specific mechanical, body, systems or electrical problems. To book an Engineers Report call Dekra on 0800 33 45678.