If you require an independent, neutral and expert vehicle inspection a fully qualified DEKRA engineer can compile an independent Engineer's Report. This may assist in the resolution of an unsatisfactory repair by your service provider, or where a Manufacturer, Warranty, Insurance or Finance company has not addressed your concerns to your satisfaction.

Why choose DEKRA? Here are five important reasons;

  • Safety
    The heart of the DEKRA world. From DEKRA's founding Articles of Association in 1925 to its global presence in 50 countries on all five continents, expert DEKRA personnel work for safety! Safe on the road, Safe at work, Safe at home. A Safe World
  • Neutrality
    DEKRA's expert engineers make neutral, competent decisions across the entire inspection process
  • Independence
    As an independent expert inspection organisation, which began as a membership association in 1925, DEKRA does not endorse any brand or individual
  • Expertise
    DEKRA's expert engineers demonstrate their specialist knowledge of automobile engineering
  • Experience
    Globally, DEKRA carries out more 26 million vehicle inspections each year

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DEKRA Engineer's Report: £199.00 including VAT.

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