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DEKRA Akademie contributes to the success of the EU research project EUCAM


Life-long learning without frontiers

Globally standardised training of workers devised for the automotive industry

How can a globally operating automotive industry train its production employees in a standardised way and improve the process of intercultural knowledge transfer? This was the task facing the EU project EUCAM (Multilingual Communication in European Car Manufacturing). In response, the team headed by Daimler AG and the Infoman GmbH and working alongside experts from the DEKRA Akademie developed a multilingual learning infrastructure. At the end of January a successful trial period under day-to-day industrial conditions marked the completion of the project.

The IT-aided learning structure provides images of all the work stages in assembly, manufacturing and repair as part of a demanding didactic concept. It ensures that production workers can be given both initial and further training in a standardised way directly at their place of work. An automated translation system enables the contents of the training to be transmitted to locations in other countries. This integrates production workers all over Europe into the learning programme, contributes to life-long learning goals and ensures long-term knowledge management on the manufacturing side. EUCAM has incorporated content from across the entire production chain. The knowledge of suppliers and machine manufacturers can also be continually integrated into the central learning system. Intended to be accessible to all, the learning structure is designed to improve the degree of technical cooperation between the manufacturers, machine manufacturers and suppliers at the international level. EUCAM can enrich the daily routine of the skilled worker allowing him/her to acquire the training specifically required during the work process.

The DEKRA Akademie was made responsible for solving the methodological-didactic problems during the 30 month duration of the project - typical questions being: how is knowledge to be presented so that the intended recipient understands it and under what conditions does learning in the production process work best? In addition, the experts concerned themselves with intercultural training, preparing staff here in Germany for the culturally different circumstances in other countries. For instance, in Turkey completely different learning biographies are encountered, or in the USA one can search in vain for a standardised educational system.

Other elements of the DEKRA Akademie remit were the presentation of the multilingual learning system at conferences, meetings and at universities together with the responsibility for devising a market study. This analysed in particular the acceptance of a work-process-oriented learning system such as EUCAM in industry and, finally, its chances of success in the markets of various countries.

The DEKRA Akademie GmbH was chosen by the EUCAM consortium because it is one of the largest private providers of vocational training and further training in Germany and as a result of its competence in the automotive industry. Other organisations taking part in the project were Daimler AG, EDAG Hungary KFT, European Metalworkers Federation (EMF), IG Metall, Infoman Informationsmanagement GmbH, Language Technology Center LTD and UAB LKSoft Baltic.

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