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Vehicle Dealer Services

a DEKRA Car Dealer vehicle inspection

Many major dealer groups and franchised dealers offer Approved Used vehicles. These cars are specially selected, prepared, inspected and tend to sell quickly.

DEKRA Automotive can carry out vehicle inspections on your behalf prior to sale. This service frees up your staff's time, gives you a totally independent view of your stock, and most importantly gives your customer peace of mind in the knowledge that a third party has inspected the vehicle.

Inspections are carried out on your premises, after which the DEKRA Automotive vehicle inspection engineer will provide a single page report, summarising the inspection. This can be displayed in the windscreen of cars offered for sale, visible for all to see - a good selling tool.

We also offer a more detailed vehicle inspection, after which the DEKRA Automotive vehicle inspection engineer provides a four-page report.

Rates for this service vary depending upon the scale of the inspection required, with large reductions for multiple on-site inspections.

For more information on our DEKRA Automotive's Vehicle Dealer Services, or to discuss your specific requirements, please click here to contact us.