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Welcome to DEKRA Automotive

About DEKRA Automotive

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the leading independent automotive service provision company in the UK.

DEKRA Automotive UK believes in providing the best, developing the most advanced products, software solutions and systems for the benefit of our customers.

DEKRA is an independent service provider of Expert Services with a Global customer base. The company is in the business of providing safety and quality for people dealing with technology, the environment and mobility.

For over 80 years in the Automotive sector the name DEKRA has stood for all round automotive service excellence. With a presence in 28 European countries, as well as in the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco and China, DEKRA is the European market leader in periodic vehicle inspection (MOT), carrying out approximately 22 million tests annually.

Ensuring the ongoing swift and reliable exchange of information between customers and experts on site makes DEKRA the European market leader in Appraisal Services, with over 1 million inspection reports annually, which include Fleet inspections, Used Car inspections, Accident Damage inspections and Crash analysis.

More and more car manufacturers, importers, insurers, legal and government institutions rely on DEKRA's knowledge of vehicle assessment inspections, reporting and accident analysis.

With the commitment of our 18,000 employees in Europe and beyond, our overriding focus is on delivering high quality innovative services that give our customers a competitive edge.

Qualified and Independent

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers provide detailed and professional reports on vehicles and their components. DEKRA Automotive reports can, if required, be used in any subsequent arbitration.